Best Time To Post On Reddit [How To Go Viral]

Reddit is one of the most popular websites of all time. It’s a unique, super active platform that lets users easily share their opinions with a massive community. Reddit is known as the front page of the internet because it’s a simple and no-frills way to share content with like-minded people and the wider community.

If you are trying to get the most out of your Reddit post, there are many factors to take into consideration. One of the most important aspects of posting on Reddit is the timing of the post.

As most Reddit users are in the United States, the best time to post on Reddit is when that population is online. In general, the best days to post on Reddit are Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays because those days see the most activity. Between 6AM and 8AM is the best time to post on Reddit on Monday. If you’re posting on a Saturday, however, some time between 7AM and 9AM is the best time to post on Reddit. Sunday is Reddit’s busiest day, with the best time to post is around 8AM.

In this article, we will teach you about the best time to post on Reddit broken down by peak hours and days of the week. We will also cover the best times to post on some of the most popular subreddits.

Why The Best Time To Post On Reddit Matters

On the surface, it may seem that the best time to post on Reddit is when there is a lot of activity on the site. Market studies have shown, however, that there are specific times that are best to post on Reddit. In fact, a given well-timed post will get hundreds more views and potential upvotes compared to its randomly timed counterpart, all else being equal.

If you don’t post on Reddit during the best times, your post may not get good results. This could lead to you increasing your number of posts in an attempt to gain more reach.

When you know the best time to post on Reddit, it’s easier to produce more effective posts without overloading yourself. If you post on Reddit at the right time, then more people are going to stop to see your post, is that simple. At this point you may be wondering, ‘So, when is the best time to post on Reddit?’

The Overall Best Time To Post On Reddit

Its best to consider the category or subreddit that you plan on posting, but generally speaking, you will get the best results for your time and effort if you post on Reddit between 6 AM and 8 AM on Monday, between 7AM to 9AM on Saturdays, and between 8AM to 12AM on Sundays.

While that sounds easy to follow, it’s a bit more complicated than that. I can’t stress enough how important it is to consider the time for the subreddit you intend on posting to, but for now we can break down the best time to post on Reddit by the days of the week.

The Best Time To Post on Reddit by Day

The table below shows a general breakdown of the best time to post on Reddit for every day of the week:

DayBest Time To Post
Monday6 am to 8 am
Tuesday6 am to 8 am
Wednesday6 am
Thursday4 am to 8 am
Friday4 am to 10 am
Saturday6 am to 4 pm
Sunday6 am to 10 am

Most Reddit users are in the United States. So, if you consider the time zones in the United States, you will be able to find the times where most users are active on Reddit. According to most studies, the best time to post on Reddit is in the mornings on the weekend and Monday.

In fact, if you post your content on Reddit during those times, you are likely to get 10% to 45% better results compared to the same post at a different time.

Why Is The Best Time To Post On Reddit Completely Different From Other Social Platforms?

The best time to post on Reddit is not necessarily the same as the best time to post on Instagram or Facebook. This is because Reddit is a fundamentally unique platform compared to all social networks. So, unlike Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, the middle of the week is not the best time to post on Reddit.

Even though many Reddit users are logged in during the week, very few of them have time to engage in content on the platform during those times. Again, the real action happens on Reddit on the weekend. That is when people have the time to check their Reddit feeds.

The best time to post on Reddit is early in the morning because it gives users the whole day to upvote your content. Also, when you post on Reddit early, it leaves plenty of time during that day for discussion to take place.

Posting at 5AM Eastern Standard Time makes it so that the highest possible percentage of Americans from the 4 continental time zones will see your post.

Best Time To Post On Reddit According To Different Subreddits


r/Askreddit is a place for users to ask thought-provoking questions that require critical thinking. The best time to post on this subreddit is 8AM and 1PM on Friday, and 7AM on Monday.


The r/Science subreddit is for sharing and discussing scientific research topics like astronomy (not to be confused with astrology), physics, social science, biology, geology, and more. The best time to post on this subreddit is at 4 am on Friday, at 8 AM on Sunday, and at 7 AM on Monday.


This subreddit is a place for memes, GIFs, and funny videos. The best time to post on r/Funny is on Friday before and during lunch. As you would expect, r/Funny is very active on the weekends. You can also get great results when posting to this subreddit around 11 AM noon on Wednesdays.


Just about anything related to gaming can be found on this subreddit, On r/Gaming, reddit users talk about card games, board games, and video games. The best time to post on this subreddit is 8AM on Tuesdays and 2PM and 5PM on Wednesdays.


This subreddit is the place for movie buffs of all eras. You can find just about any information about any movie you can think of on this subreddit. The best time to post in r/Movies is 9AM and 11AM on Mondays, and 4PM on Tuesdays.

Promoting Your Content

If you want to be successful with your Reddit posts, especially if you’re posting as a business,  you can choose to promote your content on major social media platforms. To do this, you would have to continuously post across all platforms at the best time for each subreddit. This would take a lot of planning and research on your part, which can consume a lot of time you may not have. This is when you can implement a social media scheduling tool that can help. 

If you have Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, you can use RecurPost to manage them. Everything posted on Reddit can be cross-promoted to these platforms. This tool has something called “auto-schedule for best time”. It will automatically schedule your posts for the best times depending on your previous patterns. 

How Do Reddit Posts Get So Popular?

Gaining upvotes brings your post to the top of the list, but it doesn’t happen in an instant. There are certain ways you can make your posts known to the whole world. Here’s how: 


Getting users to care about what you have to say is how to get upvotes. With that being said, ensure your posts are high-quality rather than negative or poor-quality. Stay away from posts that aren’t within the commonly accepted rules of posting for Reddit. It’s okay to criticize on Reddit, but it should be constructive and civil. 

Be Active

Be active on new posts if you want upvotes. One of the simplest ways to do this is to leave images and messages on existing posts from other users that will spark conversation and thought. This may not get you all the karma you need to become an overnight internet sensation, but it will help you improve your karma score with time 


Inspire discussions. The more you convince people on Reddit to view your content, the more upvotes you’ll get. You should constantly be looking for ways to post researched and well-thought-out content. Comment on trending topics wherever possible and write things that will spark conversation. 

Use Karma Bombs

A karma bomb happens when you respond to a possible top comment quickly after it’s posted. If the comment gets a lot of upvotes, your response could receive upvotes too because of its proximity. This process takes time and practice. You need to make sure you can figure out the likelihood of a comment getting a lot of positive reactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Time Of Day To Post On Reddit?

The answer to that question depends on several factors, the most important of which being which subreddit you plan on posting it to. With that being said, the best time of day to post on Reddit is between 6 AM and 9 AM. This gives your post plenty of time to gain traction throughout the day.

What Are Reddit’s Peak Hours?

Generally speaking, Reddit’s peak activity occurs somewhere between 6 AM and 8 AM on Mondays, between 7AM and 9AM on Saturdays, and between 8AM and 12PM on Sundays. Sunday is, by far, the most busy day on Reddit.

Remember to post early in the morning, as it will give your post better results, all else being equal. This is because when more people are active on the platform, more people are likely to see and react to your post.

What Is The Most Active Subreddit?

/r/AskReddit is the most active subreddit. This subreddit has a staggering 33.73 million subscribers. This makes sense because /r/AskReddit also happens to be one of the oldest subreddits on the platform. The best time to post on /r/AskReddit is 8AM on Fridays, 7AM on Mondays, and 1PM on Fridays.


In general, the best time to post on Reddit is Monday between 6 AM and 11 AM. To get the maximum response for your post, however, you need to consider the best time to post to the subreddit you are wanting to post to. This is because Reddit is so large, that its different sections have their own regular traffic patterns.

Most Reddit users are in the United States. So, the best time to post on Reddit is when they are awake and on the platform. When it comes to the best days to post on Reddit, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays see the most action. The best time to post on Reddit on Monday is between 6 AM and 8 AM, and the best time to post on Reddit on Saturday is between 7 AM and 9 AM. Sunday is, overall, the best day to post on  Reddit, but make sure to post around 8AM, as most people sleep in on Sundays.

We hope this article helped you learn the best time to post on Reddit. Thanks for reading!

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