Is Corsair Affiliate Program Worth It? [Rules & Rates]

There are lots of different ways that you can earn money with an online following. But one of the most popular methods of doing so is through affiliate marketing programs.

Affiliate programs let you earn an income with minimal effort on your end. Your only job is to try to convert your audience into paying customers for the brand you represent.

Usually, it’s best to join an affiliate program that’s within the niche you occupy. For example, if you’re in the gaming niche, you might consider Corsair’s affiliate program.

Corsair’s affiliate program is only for streamers. But the program is absolutely worth trying if you’re one. You could get a bunch of free gear in addition to the income you get through your Corsair affiliate link.

Corsair Affiliate Rates and Rules

These are two components of affiliate programs that you need to know before signing up for one. Commission rates are important because they tell you what your earning potential is in an affiliate program.

Rules matter because they tell you what you need to do in order to qualify for the program. With that in mind, keep reading to discover what we learned about Corsair’s commission rates and rules during our research.

Commission Rates

Unfortunately, there is no information available online about Corsair’s affiliate program commission rates. The company doesn’t publish this information on its affiliate program web page. Additionally, we weren’t able to find any reviews from existing Corsair affiliates that share how much they make.

This makes it very difficult to figure out whether Corsair’s affiliate program pays you enough to be worth it. You would need to go through the application process to find out for sure.

However, it’s worth mentioning that Corsair does reward your involvement in its affiliate program in other ways. For example, you could get:

  • Free hoodies
  • Discounts on PC parts
  • Discounts for your viewers
  • Free gear
  • Travel assistance

Corsair’s Affiliate Program Rules

Unfortunately, doesn’t share any rules about its affiliate program online either. Based on our research, it doesn’t seem as though any rules stand out as being overly restrictive. But we can’t say for certain what rules you’ll have to abide by either.

One thing to keep in mind is that Corsair partners with a wide variety of streamers. So it’s reasonable to expect that you can become an affiliate without having to radically change your content to do so.

The Levels of Corsair’s Affiliate Program

Before diving into our review of Corsair’s affiliate program, we need to provide an overview of how the company structures its program. Corsair affiliates are split into the following five levels:

  • Recruit
  • Lieutenant
  • Commander
  • Captain
  • Admiral

Here’s a quick look at what each of these levels includes.


  • Affiliate links
  • Free t-shirt with purchase
  • 15% off PC components
  • 10% viewer discount code


  • Headset sponsorship
  • Affiliate links
  • Free hoodie with purchase
  • 15% off PC components
  • 10% viewer discount code


  • Headset and stream deck sponsorship
  • Affiliate links
  • Free t-shirt
  • 15% off PC components
  • 10% viewer discount code


  • Full peripheral sponsorship
  • Free gear
  • 15% off PC components
  • 10% off viewer discount code
  • Corsair social support
  • Travel assistance
  • Affiliate links


  • Financial sponsorship
  • Full peripheral sponsorship
  • 15% off PC components
  • 10% off viewer discount code
  • Corsair social support
  • Travel assistance
  • Marketing photography
  • Affiliate links

Tools and Support

The tools and support that you get from Corsair will depend on which level you are in their affiliate program. Recruits get the least amount of support, while admirals get the most.

At the highest tier, Corsair treats its affiliates very well. The company provides its admiral affiliates with a dedicated social support team, marketing photography, and even travel assistance.

However, you shouldn’t expect to receive much from Corsair if you’re a lower rank in their program. According to the company’s website, there are no dedicated tools or support offered to recruits.

But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. What makes Corsair different is the company’s willingness to work with less popular streamers. 

That means streamers who might not have gotten a deal otherwise can still become an affiliate with Corsair. It’s good to see the company providing that option, even if the lower-tier offering includes less support.

How Do You Join?

Joining Corsair’s affiliate program is a super straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step look at what you need to do to get started.

Gather Your Information

The first thing that you’ll want to do is get some information about your stream together. The company will ask you some of the following questions:

  • How can you promote the Corsair brand?
  • What types of sponsorship are you looking for?
  • What are your main games?
  • What makes you a good candidate for sponsorship?

Visit the Link and Fill Out the Form

Next, you’re going to visit this link to go to the affiliate application page. Once there, simply fill out the questions that you’re asked as effectively as you can.

Submit and Wait for a Response

Once you fill out the form, your job is done. You can hit the submit button and wait for Corsair to get back to you. Chances are you’ll get offered at least a recruit-level affiliate partnership from the company.


Pros of Corsair’s Affiliate Program

  • Several different affiliate partnership tiers available
  • Higher-tier partners get very valuable extra benefits
  • Even lower-tier streamers get added benefits like discounts on Corsair products and free apparel

Cons of Corsair’s Affiliate Program

  • The company doesn’t say exactly how much its affiliate make in commission
  • Lower-tier affiliates don’t get access to the same tools and support features that upper-tear partners receive

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I get started with Corsair’s affiliate program?

Getting started with Corsair’s affiliate program is a breeze. The only thing that you need to do to get started is to visit this website link. Once you’re there, just fill out the questions that you’re asked and hit submit.

Once you do, Corsair will review your application and will get back to you. The company has several different affiliate tiers so even smaller streamers can be accepted into it.

Who can join Corsair’s affiliate program?

At this time, it appears that Corsair only works with streamers. So you wouldn’t be able to join if you run a gaming website or have a blog.

That being said, it seems like Corsair is willing to work with all types of streamers. The company is partnered with some of the biggest names on Twitch, including Summit1G. But it also partners with mid-size and even smaller streamers.

How much can I make with Corsair’s affiliate program?

Unfortunately, it’s unclear exactly how much you can make with Corsair’s affiliate program at this time. The company does not publish the commission rates that it offers its affiliates. There aren’t any online reviews of the program that provide this information either.

That being said, what you earn from the program will be a function of your commission rate and conversions. A higher conversion rate can make up for a lower commission rate and vice versa.

Another thing to note is that Corsair pays some of its affiliates a standalone rate that’s independent of conversions. 

This is what the company calls “financial sponsorship”. But it’s only available for admiral-tier affiliates, which seems to be reserved for streamers with large audiences.

What’s included with Corsair’s affiliate program?

Corsair includes a ton of add-on benefits with its affiliate program. The exact benefits that you receive will vary based on the tier of your affiliate partnership.

For example, admiral tier affiliates get a full peripheral sponsorship, travel assistance, and social support. But recruits only get a discount on Corsair gear and a free t-shirt with their purchases.

Related Programs

Corsair’s affiliate program isn’t the right fit for everyone. For example, if you’re not a streamer, you may not have a place with Corsair. However, that doesn’t mean you should give up on becoming an affiliate in the gaming space.

Here are some companies that offer affiliate programs that can be a good alternative from Corsair:

  • Razer
  • Origin PC
  • Elgato Gaming
  • KontrolFreek
  • Sennheiser
  • GFuel
  • Metathreads

Razer’s program may be the most directly comparable to Corsair. The company also sells gaming peripherals.

Razer’s affiliate program is free to join and can pay you up to 10% in commission per conversion that you generate. The best part is, anyone can join. You just need to sign up. There aren’t any requirements that you need to satisfy to get started.

What’s the bottom line? Is Corsair’s affiliate program worth it?

Corsair’s affiliate program will absolutely be worth it for some people. If you have a large audience, then you can make a ton of money by partnering with Corsair.

Smaller streamers can also benefit from this program. The company created its tiered system so that smaller streamers could join. This gives them the opportunity to earn some income from a big-name brand. A streamer of this size might not be able to partner with such a brand without this system.

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