Is Amazon FBA Still Profitable in 2022?

It is no news that Amazon FBA is packed with loads of benefits. Online business owners who ignore the power of Amazon FBA experience difficulties in shipping and logistics, high shipping rates, challenges in customer service management. Companies with Amazon FBA enjoy the benefits of discounted shipping rates, effortless shipping and logistics, among other benefits.

Generally speaking, Amazon FBA is still profitable, and it isn’t going to stop any time soon. You are sure to run a profitable Amazon FBA business with the appropriate training. It won’t hurt to get the best training. As a matter of fact, it might be the best thing that could happen to your business.

This article highlights why we are confident that Amazon FBA is still profitable in 2021. Keep reading to learn more.

Is Amazon FBA Worth it?

At first, when Amazon business was released, it was not as trendy as it is today. Like almost every good thing, there were competitors, and due to this, people had questions on whether or not Amazon FBA was worth starting. Below, we have highlighted three points to consider to determine the worth of Amazon FBA.

1.There are Chances of Winning More Customer

With Amazon FBA, you are more likely to win the BUY Box. In addition, your items can be delivered in two days and can also be qualified for Prime shipping. Because you are using Amazon FBA, it is easy for you to attract more customers to your business.

2.Hassle-free Business

Your online reselling becomes easier with Amazon FBA. There will be no need for you to occupy your attic and rooms to store the items or spend plenty of time packing them. The products are transported without stress, and you do not need to worry about dealing with different delivery services for higher quality and lower shipping rates.

3.Amazon FBA Costs

Amazon services are not for free. You must pay to store your products in its warehouses. It is also important to note that the cost of storage depends on the size and type of your products. Dangerous products and oversized products are more cost more money to store in warehouses.  Low-cost products that are not sold fast are not worth it. These products also have higher shipping rates.

Top Four Reasons why Amazon FBA is Worth it in 2021?

There are many reasons why Amazon FBA is worth it in 2021. We have highlighted the top five reasons below:

1.Shipping, Delivery, and Marketing in One Place

Sustaining a successful online business involves many moving parts, which are mostly handled on several platforms. However, Amazon FBA provides you the opportunity to relinquish responsibility for delivery, shipping, and even aspects of your marketing.

Everything you require for your business can be handled via your account. And this allows you to focus your efforts on inventory supply, the creation of products, and/or sourcing and building your company via cross-channel promotion.

Generally, an Amazon FBA business works excellently if you have products that sell faster, especially if you are a new seller on Amazon. For most buyers, it requires stronger trust through brand recognition and customer reviews before they will invest in a larger-ticket product or become loyal to your brand.

To begin, you want to register an account on Amazon and list out the products you are sending. 

2.Most Customers Rely on Amazon for Ecommerce

Most customers go straight to Amazon when searching for products online. Instead of relying on the legendary trendy Google listings, Amazon is now the primary engine for online business. On Amazon, researching products and seeing competitive price points is quicker on Amazon – customers know this.  

Sellers on Amazon have excellent reviews and meet customers’ price points and shipping needs to help buyers feel more at ease and confident with their purchases. In other words, because the majority of buyers are prompted to go to an Amazon store to make purchases, it only makes sense for online companies to consider joining an Amazon business as a way to increase their future growth and brand visibility.   

3.Built-in SFP Features and Tools Help With Faster Delivery

Are you still wondering if Amazon FBA business is worth it for you in 2021? Now that we know that the Amazon marketplace is number one of eCommerce, it is also great to point out how the FBA business model helps companies to scale and grow.

As an Amazon FBA business, your customers are able to get the benefits that only an Amazon store can offer, such as two-day and same-day shipping with Amazon. In addition, your fulfillment needs are taken care of.

The Amazon platform updated requirements for eligibility for their SFP is designed to help marketers meet customers’ demands more efficiently and with excellent satisfaction while upholding the credibility of the website and attracting more customers to use the platform. A few of these tools include:

  1. Delivery Speed Report
  2. Shipping Region Automation
  3. Automatic Product Classification

It boils down to convenience. By eliminating fees such as shipping fees, and building trust through Amazon’s extensive customer reviews, selling items becomes more seamless for you and increases customer satisfaction.

4.Clear Path for Scalability

You want to foster growth after having the basics in place for running an Amazon FBA business. Right now, you might be considering again if Amazon FBA is worth it. Absolutely, it is worth it. It requires utilizing all the techniques and tools at your disposal on a strategic, constant basis.

Also, to sponsor posts, this platform allows you to promote coupons and deals to help improve your business. As your Amazon product inventory increases, there are ways to optimize the current products you have and grow a more significant, international audience, and create strategies with regards to brand sales and promotion during specific high seasons. Like all other businesses, the work you invest in it makes a big difference in how efficiently and quickly you grow.

In addition, soon after you put tools to work through your Amazon FBA, you will have all the time to grow your presence via other channels in order to reach both potential and current customers. By deciding to no longer focus on fulfillment, Amazon FBA allows marketers more bandwidth to emphasize other essential parts of the business.

For instance, when you pay more attention to product familiarity and brand alignment, you will become trendier across the Amazon marketplace and gain more repeat customers.

Amazon Advertising

Amazon Seller Central will allow you to prepare your products before shipping them to the closest Amazon warehouse.

Doing this entails attention to detail, as every item needs a description, a unique code, as well as other requirements laid out by Amazon in order to track your items correctly. As soon as Amazon receives your products, your items are stored until purchase. At this time, Amazon also handles the packaging and shipment of your items, as well as handling customer service requests with regards to items and delivery satisfaction.

Right from your Amazon seller account, you can set up marketing tools to enable you to promote your items. These include sponsored displays, sponsored brands, sponsored products, and stores. Each of these has built-in dynamic widgets and templates to help you create customized advertising to get your items in front of more potential and repeat customers and reach your targeted audience.

Via Amazon advertising, you create your own budget for the highest amounts you desire to spend per day on your advertisement. And this allows you to quickly review your return on investment and gives you control over your monthly costs.

How to Get Started

If you would like to try out the Amazon FBA, quickly head over to the Amazon FBA website and read about the process for creating an account. They do an excellent job of explaining their offering. And this includes videos and other content, and a learning section to help new sellers know more about the service and how to build their own online success.

After signing up, we recommend that you take full advantage of Amazon’s tools and resources, including Amazon Marketing Services, which is an excellent section to explore. You can also leverage the advantages of reducing the possible disadvantages by using the insights and tips provided in the learning section.

The Amazon FBA Business program integrates with many online eCommerce platforms, making it easy for sellers to get involved.  


Amazon FBA will continue to create user-friendly benefits for new sellers. And this makes it very easy for those already experiencing fast growth, as well as those just starting out in eCommerce. Amazon supports its sellers because it cannot be successful without the third party seller. So, yes, Amazon FBA is still profitable in 2021. 

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