Is Grill Charms Still in Business?

Accidents may occur in serving grilled meat to guests. A person with an allergy to certain kinds of meat might unknowingly eat such meat due to the lack of proper identification. This is the role of Grill Charms – they help people identify meat. However, you may be wondering if they’re still in business.

Grill Charms went out of business in 2011. According to Shark Tank, in 2016, Leslie – the founder – signed a licensing agreement with Fox Run brands to produce and dispense the product under the class of grilling solutions. Despite Grill Charms being unavailable for purchase on their website due to deactivation, the products can still be bought on Amazon.

Grill Charms’ revenue record before going for the Shark Tank reality TV show is not doing badly at all. However, there going for the reality TV program seems to be the beginning of their down turn. Do you want to know if Grill Charms is still in business? kindly scroll down and keep reading this article to learn more.

Are Grill Charms Still Available?

Before Grill Charms’ appearance on Shark Tank, they had sold products worth sixty-thousand dollars. In revenue, it generated a million dollar in revenue and were valued at approximately two-hundred thousand dollars. Grill Charms is still in business. However, the products are not available on their website. While they are available in stores, they are not under the same ownership.

Grill Charms

These BBQ accessories help secure meat while grilling and help people avoid grilled meat confusion after being served. All of Grill Charms have icons or letters on them, reminding you which food items are which.   These metallic accessories made of stainless steel are used to label meat before they are grilled. It reminds the cook to prepare each meat based on individual preferences, thus helping to avoid any form of mix-up.

The Founders of Grill Charms

Grill Charms was invented by Leslie Haywood. Before she launched Grill Charms in 2007, she was a homemaker with two daughters. In 2006, Leslie was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a Bilateral Mastectomy that same year. Regardless of this challenge, she launched Grill Charms in the market.

Since 2007, she has appeared in various television shows, worked in several publications, and has also featured in countless podcasts and radio shows. She also writes for many health and parenting magazines, investors’ digests, and newspaper features. You would agree with me that that she didn’t allow her body to hold her down from chasing her dreams for Grill Charms.

Leslie Story

Leslie was a stay-at-home mom before launching her brand – Grill Charms. The idea of starting the business was birthed after her husband unknowingly served her the wrong piece of grilled at a family dinner party. He was unable to tell the difference between the less spicy meat and the spicy one.

At that point, she knew that someone had to solve the challenge of identifying grilled meat. So, she came up with this idea to help people avoid similar mix-ups. At the early stage of Grill Charms, she never had prior experience in the business; however, she pursued her vision. Even after she was diagnosed with breast cancer, it never stopped her, as she still managed to launch her brand on the shelves of stores in the space of eighteen months.

The Pitching of Grill Charms Shark Tanks

Grill Charms’ founder – Leslie Haywood – went to Shark Tank seeking fifty thousand dollars for twenty-five percent equity. This deal was accepted by Robert Herjavek. According to marketing experts, they were unhappy with the packaging and the product name.

After Kevin O’ Leary discussed with and asked Leslie a few questions, he mentioned that he liked the product, but Leslie was yet to have a brand. People like the product and, in fact, enjoy it, but the brand was yet to be established.

So, he offered Leslie fifty thousand dollars for fifty percent equity. Barbara Corcoran mentioned that she does not want to invest. Daymond, on the other hand, suggested that Robert lacked the skills of working with retailers. So, Daymond and Harrington decided to partner up for fifty percent equity and were unwilling to negotiate.

Kevin said that he would need seven percent royalties and twenty percent equity in exchange for fifty thousand dollars. Robert offered Leslie fifty thousand dollars for twenty-five percent equity, which was exactly what she wanted, and they both ended up finalizing the deal.

Although Leslie got exactly what she wanted after pitching her product at the Shark Tank, can one say it has impacted Grill Charms positively? A lot is running the minds of consumers since their website has been inactive. Some were of the opinion that is may be her health while other held on to the fact that is has something to do with Shark Tank.

How Do Grill Charms Make Money?

Leslie mentioned that before she pitched her brand on Shark Tank, she had already begun selling Grill Charms in one hundred and three independent stores. While Grill Charms were available for sales on their own website, the products were also available on other shopping websites such as Walmart and Amazon. This product costs between eleven dollars ninety-five cents to ten dollars ninety-five cents.

Grill Charms’ Competitors

Some of Grill Charms’ competitors include;


This brand primarily sells grilling accessories and grills. They have revenue of about one million dollars and have about six workers.

The EZ Grill

This brand’s grill is a disposable charcoal grill. It is a ready-to-use grill. This company generates five million dollars in revenue and has about twenty-five employees presently working for them.

BBQ Outfitters – Southlake

This brand helps their customers to build an outdoor kitchen. They sell several BBQ grills and accessories. They make revenue of one million dollars and have five employees working for them.

Some Interesting Facts About Grill Charms

  1. Before appearing on Shark Tank, Leslie had appeared on CNBC’s show The Next Big Idea.
  2. Marketing experts thought that Grill Charms wasn’t the perfect name for this product. They thought it would be more ideal if the product were recognized on its packaging.
  3. Leslie mentioned that she got the idea of Grill Charms when her husband served her the wrong piece of meat.
  4. According to Robert Herjavek, Grill Charms is the best product that has ever been featured on Shark Tank.

What is Currently Up with Grill Charms?

Grill Charms is sold all over the United States of America, Sweden, and Canada. This means that there was already a great demand for this product. This is also visible as it had already sold over sixty thousand dollars’ worth of product.

Except for Barbara Corcoran, all of the Sharks were interested in Grill Charms and made an offer. However, Leslie decided to go with Robert Herjavek. This is because she would be able to keep the majority share in her own company. Robert mentioned that Grill Charms might be the best product ever shown on Shark Tank – and this became a reality.

There are four collections of Grill Charms, which you can read more about on their website. There is the Spicy Collection, the Steak Collection, the Pink Collection, and the Charmed Life Collection. From the website’s look, it seemed like it hasn’t been kept up to date because it looks pretty outdated.

The last blog post is from 2011, which confirms that Leslie has not worked on Grill Charms in a while. It is also not possible to buy the collections directly from the website but Amazon. Everyone might have imagined that this brand would be successful, especially after Robert’s partnership with Leslie.

However, it is excellent to see that Grill Charms are still being sold on Amazon and that it has very positive reviews. People like the fact that grillers can now protect their guests and children who have allergies simply by pinning a Grill Charm into their meat before grilling.

Some other reviews mentioned that they like the fact that they no longer have to worry about serving the wrong order to anyone. In general, Grill Charms is doing well, but not just on their website.


Grill Charms are amazing grill accessories that help people quickly recognize different types of grilled meat; thus, helping them avoid confusion while serving grilled meat. They are still very much in business. However, you can no longer buy the product from their website but from stores like Amazon and Walmart. Go ahead and add protection to your grilling experience.

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