Can You Make Money With Lowe’s Affiliate Program?

Many analysts expect there to be a sharp increase in the demand for home improvement products after COVID-19. The logic makes sense. People are starting to reconnect with one another and invite friends and family to visit. Many will want to spruce up their place before those visits occur.

That’s all well and good. But you may be wondering how you can get in on the growth of this industry. One way to do that is by signing up to become an affiliate with a company like Lowe’s.

Lowe’s affiliate program is absolutely worth trying. The company offers 2% commissions on all its products. However, you should know that Amazon offers a slightly higher 3% commission for its home improvement products. Therefore, if you have to choose between Lowe’s and Amazon, Amazon might be better.

Commission Rates and Rules

There are a lot of things to consider before starting a new affiliate program. But perhaps no two items are more important than commission rates and rules. You want to know how much you’ll be paid. And you also want to know what rules you have to follow in order to remain eligible for those payments.

If you’re curious about these things, keep reading. We’ve put together a detailed look at everything you need to know about Lowe’s commission rates and rules for affiliates.

Commission Rate

Lowe’s commission rates are solid. The company offers a 2% commission rate in a 24-hour cookie window. The 24-hour cookie window just means that you’ll get paid no matter when someone clicks the link on your site.

If you’re not familiar with affiliate programs, let’s look at what a 2% commission rate actually means for you. Essentially, you get 2% of every purchase that someone makes after clicking on your website link.

Imagines someone sees your link, clicks on it, and goes on to spend $1,000 at Lowe’s. You’d make $20 in that situation. That being said, the average basket size for a Lowe’s shopper is about $335.88. That would make your commission about $6.71 per the average customer.

These rates are solid but they’re not the best that the industry has to offer. Amazon currently provides home improvement affiliates with a 3% commission. That means you would make an additional 1% of every purchase that customers make through your link.

This doesn’t mean that Amazon is the only option worth considering. We don’t know what the average basket size is with them or how their home improvement sales compare to Lowe’s. Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with either affiliate program if you want to make a little passive income.


When you enter into an affiliate program, you’ll be given a set of terms and conditions. These will outline your duties in the agreement.

The rules of an affiliate program can vary quite a bit from one company to another. But often, the company that you partner with will not want you to be an affiliate of other companies in its industry. For example, if you were a Coca-Cola affiliate, they might not want you to be a Pepsi affiliate too.

Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to find the terms and conditions for Lowe’s affiliate program online. The company does not make the information public. And no current affiliates have shared the agreement online.

It seems you would need to go through the signup process and be accepted as an affiliate. Once you’ve done that, then Lowe’s will share its terms with you. Be sure to let us know if you do that. We’d love to update this review with the terms that you’re presented with.

Tools and Support

This is another area where Lowe’s could make some improvements. Based on our research, the company was really not forthcoming about what it offers affiliates. All that we could find is a find brief bullet-points on the affiliate page of the company’s website. These do say a few worthwhile things.

For example, the company gives its affiliates access to a program called Impact Radius. It says that affiliates can use Impact Radius to track their results. So it does seem like Lowe’s provides some type of tracking capability to its affiliates, which is good to see.

The company also says that affiliates get to collaborate with professionals on the Lowe’s Affiliate Marketing Team.

This would suggest that the company does provide some support to its affiliates. Though, it’s unclear if that support offers marketing suggestions or just helps with technical issues and payments.

We wish that we had more to share with you here. But, again, Lowe’s is pretty secretive about what it offers its affiliates.

How Do You Join?

Now that we know what Lowe’s affiliate program is, let’s look at how you can join it. The following is a step-by-step list of what you need to do to get started.

Gather information about your website

The first thing that you’ll need to do is put together your information. Lowe’s is going to want to know about your website during the signup process.

It would be worth putting together some of the following information before visiting the signup page:

  • Site type
  • Average monthly visitors
  • Company information
  • Whether you want to use multiple affiliate channels or just one
  • Any other relevant information about the traffic you generate

Visit the Lowe’s affiliate signup page

Here’s the current link to Lowe’s affiliate signup page. If this stops working, you can try visiting the company’s main affiliate program website page. Here’s where you’ll find that

Fill in the application as requested

Here, you’ll find an application that Lowe’s wants you to fill out. You’ll be asked to provide your demographic information, website information, and information about your company.

It’s also worth mentioning that you can sign up with your social media account. The company will auto-populate your data from one of the following social media websites:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Google

Click Submit and Wait

At this stage of the process, you’ve completed everything you need to do. Lowe’s will review your information and get back to you with an answer or a request for more information. All that you can do is sit back and wait for the company to reach out to you.

We weren’t able to learn whether this is the end of the application process or the beginning. Lowe’s doesn’t say what other hoops aspiring affiliates need to jump through in order to be accepted. 

It’s possible that this is a much longer process. But it’s also possible that your job is already done at this stage. The only way to find out is to apply and see what happens, unfortunately.

Advantages & Disadvantages 


  • Competitive commission rate of 2% per transaction
  • Success rate tracking tools
  • Support from Lowe’s affiliate marketing team


  • Commission rates are lower than Amazon’s
  • Terms and conditions are unclear

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I get started with Lowe’s affiliate program?

You need to visit Lowe’s affiliate webpage to get started with the application process. Here’s a link that you can use to get there

Once you’ve navigated to the page, you will need to fill in some information. Lowe’s will ask you to provide information about yourself, your company, and the type of traffic that you generate.

Who can join Lowe’s affiliate program?

Lowe’s doesn’t explicitly state that anyone is barred from joining its affiliate program. So, theoretically, almost anyone can join. However, we’re not sure if that’s actually the case in practice.

Lowe’s says that it’s looking for the following features in an affiliate:

  • High-quality websites with US-based traffic
  • Affiliates using loyalty shopping, email, and promotional content methods already
  • Websites catering to the home improvement demographics

So if you offer all of those things, there’s a good chance you’ll be accepted.

How much can I make with Lowe’s affiliate program?

The amount that you can make from any affiliate program is proportional to the traffic you have. The more people that visit your site, the more that will see your Lowe’s affiliate ad and click on it. 

It’s essentially a numbers game. You just want to get as many people to click on the ad as possible. The more that do, the more that you’ll make. Keep in mind, you get 2% of every transaction that you generate at Lowe’s.

What’s included with Lowe’s affiliate program?

During our research, it wasn’t immediately clear what Lowe’s offers with its affiliate program. However, we did find that the company offers a results tracking tool called Impact Radius.

Lowe’s also says that it offers collaboration with professionals on its Lowe’s Affiliate Marketing Team. But it’s unclear exactly what that collaboration looks like.

Related Programs

There are lots of different affiliate programs to choose from in the home improvement area. You may want to look into some of these before committing to one. Doing so will help you figure out which is going to be the best opportunity for your company.

The two major players in the industry are Amazon and Home Depot. It would be worth checking out what both of those companies have to offer before signing an agreement with Lowe’s.

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