Lululemon Affiliate Program [Rates & Perks]

Being fashionable is part of today’s society and it’s no secret. There are millions of men and women on the planet who flaunt their fashion style on Instagram or YouTube while calling themselves an “influencer”. Influencers make their money off of what they’re promoting on their social media. 

Lululemon offers a variety of programs for influencers whether as an affiliate or ambassador. Being one of these for lululemon, whether you’re a micro-or mega-influencer, you’ll have an equal opportunity to show you’re committed to advertising the brand. 

If you’re interested in becoming a lululemon affiliate, here’s everything you need to know about it including how to get started, what you need to do, and more helpful information. 

How Does The LululemonAffiliate Program Work?

There are actually a couple of affiliate programs that can earn you some extra cash. They include the Sweat Collective, Ambassador Program, and Lululemon Collective Program. 

Lululemon Collective Program

The lululemon collective program is designed for those who are living and inspiring #thesweatlife through personal growth, meaningful relationships, and through sweat. With the Lululemon affiliate program, your sole responsibility is to promote their products in exchange for commission based on what people are purchasing through your posts. 

Getting started is quite simple. The first step is to fill out their application. This application is pretty basic. All you need to do is tell them all about yourself. Tell them who you are and how you plan on promoting Lululemon through your content. 

Next, you’ll gain access to their brand guidelines and learn how to create unique links and content to help promote your favorite products from lululemon. You don’t have to purchase their new line, what you currently have is more than enough to promote online. 

You can then post videos, reviews, photos, and any other kind of content you think will help connect your audience through social media, websites, and channels of your choice. This is where you really show your creativity and promote your unique link. 

Lastly, track your content performance and earn commission for every product purchased through your links. It’s as easy as that!

Lululemon Sweat Collective

This affiliate program is for active “leaders in sweat”. These leaders include athletes, studio managers, studio owners, professional run club leaders, personal trainers, and group fitness/studio instructors/private instructors of adult participants. 

Eligible athletes include:

  • Professional
  • Olympic
  • University/college (non-NCAA only)
  • Elite amateur athletes (Canadian Hockey League, National Premier Soccer League, Iron Man, Etc.)

Coaches and team trainer/staff include: 

  • Professional
  • Olympic
  • University/college
  • Elite amateur athletes (Canadian Hockey League, National Premier Soccer League, Iron Man, Etc.)

This program is a little different than the others. People who qualify for this special program receive 25% off product purchases from lululemon stores or e-commerce. It’s not exactly earning money through promotion, but you’re still putting money back into your pocket with that 25% discount. 

Lululemon Ambassador

People choose to be a brand ambassador for a variety of reasons such as believing in the brand. Brand ambassadors receive perks and merchandise in return. Campus brand ambassadors can work for the brand for extra cash as well as professional exposure. 

Simply put, being a lululemon ambassador means that you’re essentially a walking representation of the brand. You will act as a marketing tool, advertising asset, and even a salesperson. You could do this by wearing or using their merchandise, assist in running events, do product showcases, and even post on social media. 

When you agree to take a position as an ambassador, you’re not only buying into the image and reputation of lululemon, but you’re also agreeing to work to further the mission of the brand. The point of being an ambassador is meant to increase the sales for the company. 

As an ambassador, you may be required to market to a specific demographic and you;re expected to be active on social media and using your own channels to boost awareness about new products and campaigns. You don’t really apply to be an ambassador, rather, lululemon will seek out social media influencers and those in the fitness industry to join their team. However, you can reach out to a local store to express your interest. 

Lululemon Ambassador Perks

Most of the ambassador positions are not paid, but there are plenty of perks that make up for it including: 

  • Free merchandise
  • Store discounts
  • Family and friend discounts
  • Free and discount fitness classes
  • Business coaching
  • Personal development courses
  • Social media promotion 

How Much Can You Earn From The Lululemon Affiliate Program?

The commission rate is 7% for affiliates. So on every $100 you sell, you earn $7. It may not seem like much, but it does add up quickly seeing as how popular the company is. Additionally, they’ll provide creative banners, high average order value, 7-day cookie duration, and they’re even open to custom marketing collaborations. 

What Is The Lululemon Cookie Window?

The affiliate cookie window is how long an affiliate has to earn a commission when a potential customer clicks on the affiliate link. When the link is clicked, there’s a small piece of code, called a cookie, that attaches to the customer’s web browser. Information in this cookie includes the affiliate ID, timestamp, product clicked, and more. The cookie window for lululemon is 7-days. 

10 Ways To Make Money With The Affiliate Program

If you’re still on the fence about joining the affiliate program not knowing whether or not you can make money, here are 10 ways to make your commission easier to come by: 

YouTube Fashion Channel

A fantastic way to generate leads and sales is to create your own fashion YouTube channel. Here, you can create content that’s based on the latest fashion trends in the fitness niche. When you upload your video, be sure to include affiliate links in the description of the videos. As you upload more videos, you will begin building a following, generating leads, and earning your commission. 

YouTube Fitness Channel

This is probably the best way to generate leads and sales with the affiliate program. A fitness YouTube channel is your space to teach others about Yoga techniques, eating healthy, and more all while earning cash doing so. 

When starting your YouTube channel, be sure to use keywords to learn what consumers want to know. Based on that, you can then create helpful content. In the description of your videos, attach your affiliate links. 


Who doesn’t love a good blog? This is a great way to generate leads and sales. You can create your own blogs for running, yoga, fashion and more. Before you do this, find out what your customers want to know by doing some keyword research. You can then attach affiliate links in your blog posts and approved banner ads at the top or side of your website. This is a very competitive area, but there’s plenty of opportunity to find success. 


If you love posting pictures on instagram, you can use it to your advantage. You can share images of your favorite fitness items and new trends in the industry while including links to products for sales at lululemon. Creating sponsored posts that include affiliate links for free is a great way to earn cash. 

Additionally, you can pay for shoutout services. You can pay influencers within your niche to send a shout out to your Insta account. There are plenty of sites out there that will connect affiliates with influencers for the purchase of shoutouts. 

Facebook Ads

Facebook is used by a majority of the influencer population. Their system allows affiliates with little to no marketing experience to run ads that target potential clients based on interests and demographics alike. The promotional posts go straight to the news feed. 


Share your favorite leggings on Pinterest and include an affiliate link. When sharing products with a link, it can help generate leads. When customers click the link, they’ll be brought to the item’s page where they can purchase it or learn more about it. 


A lot of influencers got their start on TikTok. This is a fantastic way to earn commission with a different approach from other social media channels. You can create short videos of you or your lululemon products that are directly promoted to your followers. 

YouTube Ads

Those pesky ads that appear before each video on YouTube can actually work in your favor. Sponsored video content is a good opportunity to earn commission. However, since this type of advertising has been in existence since 2007, there’s not much room for creativity. 

Online Course

If you have an online yoga or fitness course, you can use it to promote your links. You can create a system and then include an affiliate link to some of your favorite products. You already have your audience to market to, so it’ll be simple to earn money from the products you’re promoting. 

Facebook Groups

You’re probably familiar with Facebook groups that target certain individuals. It’s a place for people with the same interests or issues to get together and share stories. If you create a Facebook group for yoga or fitness, you gain an audience and can then promote to them. You can post your affiliate link to the group and it’s free to do. Additionally, it won’t seem like you’re spamming because everybody there is interested in the same thing.

Final Thoughts

Overall, lululemon is a great company to become a partner with. Their affiliate program is more than just promoting, it’s a nice way to meet people who share your interests. It can give you satisfaction knowing you are promoting a brand you love and respect. The best part about the affiliate program is that you don’t need to have any experience in marketing or eCommerce to succeed. As long as you’re willing to put some effort into it, you can certainly make a few extra bucks. 

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