What Is Distributed Marketing?

There’s no denying that marketing technology options have expanded exponentially over the last decade. However, this makes it difficult for teams to sort through options and choose the best solution for their particular situation.  The best way to avoid confusion is to start with a clear definition of what distributed marketing actually is. Specifically, what … Read more

What Is Institutional Marketing?

Institutional Marketing

Institutional marketing refers to the set of communications a company makes with its audience. The purpose of this strategy is to build and strengthen the brand’s image in the market. Businesses accomplish this by providing both products and services as well as exhibiting cultural and social values. This article will help you discover how institutional … Read more

What is Conscious Marketing? [Its Importance & Principles]

What is Conscious Marketing

Businesses today deal with a new generation of customers who don’t need quality offerings; instead, they want innovative and fast solutions at minimum rates. It is a fact that customers today have plenty of options to choose from. They consider endless choices while making a decision that fits the constantly changing trends and customer preferences. … Read more

What is SAAS Marketing?

Software as a service (SaaS) is more popular than ever before. Estimates predict the SaaS industry’s value would go as high as $623 billion by 2023. So, if yours is a SaaS business, you’re definitely in a booming sector. This also indicates that you are and will be facing increasing competition. So, you need to … Read more

Is Mass Marketing Dead or Alive?

Mass Marketing Dead

Companies who implement mass marketing enjoy the influx of more customers, higher sales, higher economies of scale, savings on marketing costs, and more. Well, for businesses that ignore this tool, the opposite becomes their consequence. Mass Marketing is not dead. However, it is on the verge of dying because most people feel it tampers with … Read more

How to Avoid Marketing Myopia?

Marketing Myopia

Marketing myopia practices would cause a business to fall. The end failure doesn’t happen overnight. It begins when customers become unsatisfied with all or some services and products you deliver. While a few customers will reach out to you, your company will lose some others. And in the long run, you must’ve lost quite a … Read more