Is Elementor Good For SEO?

Is Elementor Good For SEO

Since search engine optimization (SEO) has become a standard practice for most firms nowadays, a lot of individuals have inquired as to whether or not Elementor is suitable for Search engine optimization. According to Adam Collins from ignite seo an seo consulting firm, elementor is a useful tool for SEO purposes. This might aid in … Read more

What is SAAS Marketing?

Software as a service (SaaS) is more popular than ever before. Estimates predict the SaaS industry’s value would go as high as $623 billion by 2023. So, if yours is a SaaS business, you’re definitely in a booming sector. This also indicates that you are and will be facing increasing competition. So, you need to … Read more

Facebook Messenger Marketing vs Email Marketing [Key Differences]

Facebook Messenger Marketing vs. Email Marketing

Today, entrepreneurs and business owners who fail to interact with their clients via messages t miss out on specific benefits. Both email marketing and messenger marketing excellent tools for business owners who which interact and stay interactive with their customers.  Email Marketing and Facebook Messenger Marketing are two potent tools for drawing, communicating with, and … Read more

Is Amazon FBA Still Profitable in 2022?

Is Amazon FBA Still Profitable

It is no news that Amazon FBA is packed with loads of benefits. Online business owners who ignore the power of Amazon FBA experience difficulties in shipping and logistics, high shipping rates, challenges in customer service management. Companies with Amazon FBA enjoy the benefits of discounted shipping rates, effortless shipping and logistics, among other benefits. … Read more

Is Mass Marketing Dead or Alive?

Mass Marketing Dead

Companies who implement mass marketing enjoy the influx of more customers, higher sales, higher economies of scale, savings on marketing costs, and more. Well, for businesses that ignore this tool, the opposite becomes their consequence. Mass Marketing is not dead. However, it is on the verge of dying because most people feel it tampers with … Read more

How to Avoid Marketing Myopia?

Marketing Myopia

Marketing myopia practices would cause a business to fall. The end failure doesn’t happen overnight. It begins when customers become unsatisfied with all or some services and products you deliver. While a few customers will reach out to you, your company will lose some others. And in the long run, you must’ve lost quite a … Read more

Why are Brands Fully Embracing Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Some businesses today struggle to drive traffic, have low conversions and decreased sales, and miss the opportunity of conversing with customers. Although the success of every business is the combination of a few great practices, Email Marketing stands out. The power of Email Marketing cannot be overemphasized. The reason why brands are fully embracing Email … Read more

Why Facebook Loses Billions Due To Apple Privacy Rule

apple privacy policy and facebook

Apple, which aspires to be a hotshot tech business, wants to give its customers privacy. However, it would welcome the opportunity to earn a little extra money. The Apple App Store updated its policy in early 2021, reducing apps’ ability to follow users without prior knowledge, making targeted advertising more difficult. Companies like Facebook and … Read more