RingCentral Affiliate Program [Rates & Terms]

RingCentral is a comprehensive communication solution that offers voice, fax, texting, conferencing, and web meetings in one spot right on your desktop. You don’t need to worry about using separate applications for each one of your activities. 

RingCentral offers an affiliate program through links, promotions, tools, and a dedicated affiliate support team that will help maximize your potential as a RingCentral Affiliate. 

RingCentral is a top-rated business VoIP provider with the highest commissions in the industry. There is an affiliate program and referral program you can utilize to earn as much as possible through sales and link clicking. Here’s some information we gathered regarding both of these programs. 

What Is The RingCentral Affiliate Program?

The RingCentral affiliate program has some of the highest commission rates in the industry. Their affiliates earned a whopping three-quarters of a million dollars in commissions in 2020. The way their program works is that those who are affiliates receive a commission when visitors complete a free trial registration and convert to a paid subscription or purchase a paid subscription directly without the free trial. 

Not only can you earn commission from sales, but you can earn from leads as well. As an affiliate, you can earn up to $25 per lead and up to $60 per sale for a total earning potential of $85 to referred customers. All commission payments are made every 30 days. 

Application Process

When you go to the affiliate application page, you will be brought to a small form that you have to fill out. You start with the basics such as your email address, username, and password. You’ll then be taken to the form where you have to fill out your name and address. When that’s done, you’ll be taken to the extras & terms sections. Once you submit this information, you’ll be contacted regarding whether or not you have been chosen to be part of the affiliate program.

RingCentral Referral Program

The RingCentral referral program is easier to manage than the affiliate program because it’s so basic. All you have to do is go to their referral page and fill out your name, email address, and choose a password. For every person who signs up for RingCentral, you’ll earn $100. You can use your personalized link to share with your network. The $100 will be given to you in form of a gift card.  

What Does The Commission Structure Look Like?

RingCentral affiliates will receive a commission whenever a visitor completes a free trial registration or if they convert after the trial or sign up directly without the trial. There are also monthly promotions that give you more opportunities to maximize your earnings. For every free trial somebody signs up for using your link, you receive $10. For every fax +$25 service, you will receive $15. You will receive $100 per line sold on RingCentral MVP and $200 per call via the pay-per-call program. Payments are made every 

What Is The RingCentral Cookie Window?

The cookie window is more generous than some others out there. The RingCentral cookie window is 60 days. Most companies only offer a 30-day cookie window, but some can go up to a full year or more. 

A cookie window is the time span of the cookie that will stay on the user’s browser. This is how long the browser can use the information stored in the cookie. The cookie can contain information including your email address, name, and affiliate link information. It’s essentially a small file of alphanumeric data which is sent from a website to your browser. It plays a massive role in online advertising and helps quickly access a website that was visited earlier such as login information, settings, and preferences. 

Referral Program vs Affiliate Program {Which Is Better?}

Some may not realize that there’s a difference between a referral program and an affiliate program. Referral programs target current customers who are happy with their service or product, fans, or brand advocates. Affiliates on the other hand can be anybody interested in generating income by promoting another business. Those who sign up for the affiliate program are contacted by the business directly. Once approved, they get their link and include it on their channels. 

Additionally, referral marketing works better when there’s already an existing relationship between the customer and referral. Successful referrals are generally friends, family, or colleagues. However, with affiliate programs, there’s no direct relationship between the two parties. The person clicking the affiliate link doesn’t need to know the affiliate. 

Affiliate programs are better than referral programs in our opinion because you only know so many people, but with an affiliate program, anybody in the world can find and click the affiliate link.  

Difference Between Affiliate Link and Referral Link

Both affiliate and referral links are used to track a new customer or sale that comes from a program participant. As soon as the affiliate or customer joins your program or purchases a product, they are given a unique link that they can use to invite others to your website. 

The main difference between these two links is the location where they’re shared. An affiliate link is put on a public platform such as a website, blog post, or social media post. A referral link is generally sent as a direct message from person to person. 


The rewards from each of these types of programs are different and it’s the ultimate driving factor. Even if somebody really enjoys what they’re buying, an attractive incentive can keep them motivated to refer others. The rewards that come from these programs vary across different affiliate referral programs. There are rewards that can include discounts, swag, cash, upgrades, and more. 

Referral programs offer discounts, store credit, coupons, cashback, or even gift cards. Additionally, these rewards can be given to the existing customer, new customer, or both. As for the affiliate program, they generally offer cash-based incentives. It’s also common for affiliates to get free products on top of their commission. 

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

The customer lifetime value is how much you can potentially earn from a customer throughout your relationship with them. Will the customer only make one purchase or are they going to become a regular shopper? This honestly depends on what you’re selling. Some products such as large equipment and cars are generally one-time purchases. 

Referral programs are based on loyal customers and trust, so they work well for products with a higher CLV. Affiliate programs are better for businesses with a lower CLV. Since these programs pay for every new customer, affiliates are more focused on quantity. 

Similarities Between Affiliate and Referral Programs

Even though these programs are different, they have some similarities as well. The biggest similarity is that they both encourage others to promote a brand and offer an incentive for each sale. Here are some of the other similarities: 


  • Both programs are based on inviting others to become new customers or purchase a product. No matter where it comes from, it does involve a level of risk. If the customer doesn’t like the product or service, there’s a certain amount of social currency that’s lost. 
  • Both programs are geared towards driving consistent growth. They heavily rely on other parties to advocate their business, generate word of mouth, and bring in new sales. 

Final Thoughts

RingCentral has one of the most lucrative affiliate programs we’ve seen. There are several ways an affiliate can earn a commission. They can sell a product or a service and in return, are paid up to $85. The referral program offers $100 for each new customer as well. It’s generally very easy to sign up to become an affiliate. Just fill out some information and wait for the decision. 


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