Where can You Buy Beer Blizzard?

No one enjoys their beer warm; people prefer a cold beer, especially in warmer weather. However, it is pretty challenging to keep beer cold in hot weather and it was out of this need that Beer Blizzards were born. These blizzards provide thermal insulation for beer containers. Due to the incredible benefit they provide, you might be wondering where to buy them.

You can buy them online via Beer Blizzard’s official online store, whether or not you are internationally located or live in the U.S. Beer Blizzard currently comes in a pack of six for $12.99 or a pack of twelve for $19.99.

The beer blizzard is a revolutionary invention and it has gladdens the heart of many beer lovers who want to keep it chilled at all times. However, availability of the blizzard is an important issues that is worth addressing. Continue reading this article to learn more about where you can buy Beer Blizzard, its competitors, and whether it will get stronger in the future.

Places Where You Can Buy Beer Blizzard

As mentioned above, the availability of the beer blizzard is important as consumers will like to find out where to get them. You can buy Beer Blizzard products online from Beer Blizzard’s website. You can also find them at 7-Eleven, Walmart, Bed Bath, Target, and more.

Who are the Founders of Beer Blizzard?

The Beer Blizzards company was founded by a couple of adults – Tom Osborne – and his friend – Michael Robb. They are the brain behind Beer Blizzard. Tom Osborne is the director of food safety at AdvancePierre Foods, and his friend – Michael Robb – is an associate at the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania law firm Savinis and Kane, LLC.

Despite the fact that the founders of Beer Blizzard are pretty advanced in age, they are not boring and too reserved. The producers of Sharks mentioned Robb and Osborne having great chemistry in front of cameras.

What Happened to Beer Blizzard After Shark Tank?

Shark Tank contributed significantly to the success of Beer Blizzard, making them popular after appearing on the Shark Tank show. The team was able to generate sales and get sponsorships with Walmart and NASCAR. Beer Blizzard was also awarded a gold medal for its innovative technical design. They were able to achieve their objectives in three days.

Will Beer Blizzard Get Stronger in the Future?

Since Beer Blizzard shot its appearance on Shark Tank, the company has long-drawn-out to some extent. Their products can now be made in several colors and have any logo. This product can also be sold in wholesale and bulk to big companies.

However, regardless of all of this growth, Robb and Osborne do not see themselves letting go of their day jobs to focus primarily on Beer Blizzard. But if they intend to make Beer Blizzard a multi-million dollar company with the support of Sharks, they might want to consider it.

Who are the Competitors of Beer Blizzard?

Many firms and brands sell portable refrigerators that are smaller in size and can be conveyed by car. Numerous companies, including Ztoma, produce cooling cups that keep drinks cold in hot weather without a refrigerator.

Investors in Beer Blizzard

For every company, growth is a constant in their agenda in other to serve their customers better and of course to increase returns. Hence, the reason the founder of Beer Blizzards approached investors in order to get them to invest in the blizzard. Below is a list of investors in Beer Blizzard:

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Following Beer Blizzard’s Shark Tank appearance, Beer Blizzard approached Dale Earnhardt Jr. regarding a licensing deal. But sadly, the investment deal was not successful.

Mark Cuban

The manufacturers of Beer Blizzard struck a deal with Mark Cuban. But a deal for Cuban to add a hundred dollars in exchange for a twenty-five percent stake in the company was unsuccessful for unknown reasons.

Beer Blizzard Shark Tank Pitch

In March 2016, Mike and Tom came to Shark Tank to raise a hundred thousand dollars for a twenty percent stake in Beer Blizzard business and build ties with national retailers. They chose a casual pitching outfit that consisted of a Beer Blizzard T-shirt, shorts, and jeans. Mike was named the company’s CEO. However, he was the Chief Redneck in Command of the business.

The team discussed their previous attempts to solve this challenge before presenting their final product – the Beer Blizzard. Tom explained to the team that the product is a reusable ice cube that fits into a dome-shaped opening beneath carbonated beverages.

Lori’s Take on Beer Blizzard

Lori wasn’t very elated by her beer sample as the other Sharks. However, she quickly inquired whether the Beer Blizzard coolers effectively kept drinks cold. Tom explained that laboratory research had discovered that the Beer Blizzard could keep beverages cold for twenty-one minutes when combined with an insulator when commonly food warms up after six minutes.

The product was specifically for beer users. However, Lori noted that the kit could also be used for any type of soft drink. Because Tom and Mike had always been swift in responding to questions by Shark, their pleasing demeanor effortlessly rubbed on the Sharks, who seemed to possess a much more receptive and relaxed mood than they normally are during product pitches. During the preceding twelve months, the business generated one hundred and sixty-six thousand dollars in revenue – this, the Sharks learned about.

Daymond John was curious about the purpose of the hundred thousand dollar investment. Mike explained that the company intended to expand its inventory, several producers run, and hence profits. However, he acknowledged that they required the help of a Shark to set up meetings with big retailers.

Robert concluded by saying that Beer Blizzard was just a product. He mentioned that it was a good product but not enough to sustain a company as a whole. He wished Mike and Tom continued success. However, he had no interest in investing in the business. Daymond joined Robert in resigning after agreeing that extra effort would be needed to build the business.

Mark Cuban, on the other hand, had better news for Tom and Mike. He agreed to loving the concept and that, while it wasn’t likely to generate millions of dollars, it had the potential for success. Lori was interested in partnering with Beer Blizzard and offered Tom and Mike exactly what they were asking for from the Sharks – a hundred thousand dollars in exchange for a twenty percent stake in the business.

Lori concurred with the deal and offered them a hundred thousand dollars in exchange for twenty percent ownership. Robert, on the other hand, still believed that this would be a promotional item and thus doesn’t wish to invest.

Daymond’s Opinion on the Business

Daymond stated that he lacked the relationships that Tom and Mike will need to build their business and not contribute value. This is the reason he is absent. Mark Cuban offers them a hundred thousand dollars in exchange for a twenty-five percent stake. Regardless of Lori’s offer of a hundred thousand dollars for a twenty percent stake, Tom and Mike chose Mark Cuban because Mike had a man-crush on him.

Surprisingly to the Sharks, Mike and Tom requested some time to consult. Daymond responded by saying that there was nothing to ponder, as Lori’s offer was the greater of the two. However, Tom and Mike were thinking something different.

In the end, Tom explained to Lori that while he and Mike were flattered by Lori’s offer, Mike had a deep man-crush on Mark Cuban, as they were both from Pittsburgh and would accept his deal. Lori mentioned that she could not compete against a man-crush. After that, Mark rose to shake hands with Tom and Mike on the transaction.

Mike and Tom announced their departure from the Sharks to the sounds of energetic laugher, and Mark Cuban grinned at Lori with the softest sparkle of satisfaction in his eyes.

Is this Brand Profitable?

Beer Blizzard made a net profit of thirty-five thousand dollars in 2014. However, the deal with Dale Earnhardt Jr. didn’t work out. As a result, Beer Blizzard closed its doors in 2018, and its website was shut down. Furthermore, the social media handles have been deactivated.


Beer Blizzard is an invention that provides thermal insulation for beer containers to keep beers chilled. The best place to purchase the Beer Blizzard is to go on on their official website. They are also available in stores like Walmart, 7-Eleven, and Target. This product provides incredible benefits. So why not visit their website to grab some Beer Blizzard and enjoy your beer more refreshingly.

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