Yeti Affiliate Program [Rules & Rates]

Fashion doesn’t have to be limited to runways alone. Styles can be showcased in other aspects – oases, deserts, timberlands, and the rainforests. In addition, fashion can also resemble the works of nature as we unite and belong to the soul of our planet.

This is what Yeti is about. Yeti does not only provide incredible styles and services but an affiliate program where one can generate money.

Through the Yeti affiliate program, patrons can buy coolers characterizing durability, high-performance, and functionality. There is a great opportunity to make money with the Yeti affiliate program. They provide excellent products to promote, as well as a strong set of affiliate terms for you to use on your niche website. This brand was created by original outdoorsmen who explored their experiences afield, leading to products that ooze quality, durability, and simplicity. Yeti products are simply made to last.

About the Yeti Affiliate Program

Yeti offers an excellent affiliate commission that has already been integrated into the Yeti affiliate login page. It is pretty easy to sign up for, and all you’d need to begin promoting their products is your social media handles or your sales number that shares the links and contents about the brand on Twitter and Facebook.

Aside from this, you can also purchase products on the website – which is quite different from majority of affiliate programs. This provides you an opportunity to get in front of a lot more customers who are looking to get Yeti products. This also means that your commission will be greater than the offer of other affiliate programs, as they are giving you credit for those sakes as well.

How Does the Yeti Affiliate Program Work?

The Yeti affiliate program is pretty easy to use. We have highlighted a breakdown of how it works below:

1. The Registration Process

All you need do is sign up for free and promote the products on networks such as your social media platforms, videos, images, blog posts, and more. The Yeti program will give you a URL to share that does not need tracking codes.

The Yeti program has several affiliate tools such as tutorials from YouTube influencers, product reviews, text links, and banners. You might also have the opportunity to take part in beta programs where new features are being tested out before anyone else gets them.

2. The Commission Process

This brand will pay you twenty-five dollars for anyone who signs up through your link – this also includes two levels down. They will get fourteen dollars per sale on average. This means that you will have the opportunity to make up to fourteen dollars in commission for each affiliate sign-up.

3. The Payout Process

You will receive your commission from Yeti via their affiliate login page immediately the next cycle for payment is due. You are also free to ask for a payout as desired through email.

The Commission Structure and Percentage

Yeti will charge a commission on the first sale of the product in a person’s affiliate account. This commission will be paid for all sales that happen soon after an initial referral is made, even if the referral is not part of Yeti’s affiliate code or link. Commission percentages are calculated according to the first level of referral. This includes the affiliate’s code and link.

How to Join the Yeti Affiliate Program

To be a part of the Yeti affiliate program, visit Yeti and sign up on Yeti for an account. After setting up your account, go ahead to log in. After that, go to “Affiliates” or “My Account” and then the “Join Now” button located at the top of the page.

Here, you will be urged to enter a few details about yourself before the registration can be completed. We recommend that you put in the details as requested for your application to be completed.

You can also sign up for the Yeti affiliate program by signing up through one of the following affiliate networks:

* VifLink Affiliate

* CJ Ad Network

* ShareASale Affiliate

What You Will Like About Yeti Affiliate Program

Yeti products are the incredible stars of this affiliate program. They do not only look excellent but also have some good reviews on their products and a solid following online – this is the ideal thing to look out for before deciding on whether or not you want to promote an affiliate program or a product line.

One thing you will like about the program is its website. Their website has a very good look. It doesn’t only look modern but their products are center and front and also easy to navigate. Regardless of how well you promote their products or how great your content is, if the website you are sending your audience to looks outdated or difficult to navigate, they will not feel intrigued to look further. A website’s look can positively or negatively contribute to your conversion rate – keep this in mind when choosing your affiliate programs.

Another thing you will like about the Yeti affiliate program is its range of products. Although coolers are excellent, Yeti also offers so much more that can be useful to niches aside from the typical cooler niches.

The Yeti affiliate program can be utilized as an MLB-specific niche website because of their MLB branded coolers. Or a pet niche because of their nice pet products. This option will give you a wider net when utilizing this affiliate for your website.

Benefits of Yeti Affiliate Program

There are a few benefits of the Yeti affiliate program. Below, we have highlighted the top three of them:

1. You can Work Remotely

While working from home might not be for everyone, there are advantages to it. For one, you have the chance to work in your own space without outside interruptions and distractions. You can also work at your own pace, whether slow or fast.

Work-life balance is critical to Yeti, and it is also important to you.

2. Has Flexible Hours

Yeti offers a flexible schedule. This will enable you to have more time with family and friends. you have the option to choose from one of the following options:

* Anytime from Monday to Friday

* Anytime from Monday to Thursday

* Anytime form Tuesday to Friday

You can also choose to work an even number of hours every day. This will enable you to have a long or short shift. It will also help you to go in with the same expectation for when your lunch break is.

3. Endures Creativity at Work

Creativity is the driving force of work, and it is available in various forms. Creativity is likened to the ability to come up with new ideas to do things differently, and to push boundaries. And this can be difficult when you are doing them daily. Creativity isn’t merely an art form that is used to make copywriting or virtually attractive designs for ad campaigns.

How to Promote Your Affiliate Links

Choosing the right affiliate product to promote is crucial to succeeding in your affiliate program. Additionally, you also want to choose the right promotional strategies. Some promotional strategies we recommend include the following:

  1. Add affiliate links to your resources page
  2. For YouTubers, embed affiliate links into your video content
  3. Place affiliate banners on your site
  4. Insert affiliate links in your product reviews
  5. Use affiliate links in your email and newsletters sequences
  6. Promote them on your social media platforms

Cons of Yeti Affiliate Program

Lack of Motivation

Motivation is the key to success – this is especially true when people work on their own. The Yeti affiliate program does not have incentives focused on encouraging you to go the extra mile. While a few other programs offer bonuses, Yeti does not seem to offer incentives of such a nature.

Ways to Make Money with Your Yeti Affiliate Program

  1. Outreach to local clubs and groups
  2. Join local events and meet-ups
  3. Responds to questions on Quora
  4. Invite others to join via Email Marketing
  5. Collaborate with influencers


Yeti does not only provide awesome styles. They also have an affiliate program where you can generate income. To make the most out of the Yeti affiliate program, we recommend that you take advantage of your social media platforms, website, or blog. Share your affiliate link and make a profit by getting up to twenty-five dollars commission per registration. Take advantage of this program to earn more money by becoming their affiliate partner and sharing in their revenue.

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